New Woodland Banners

Put up some new banners in the woods this weekend. Not quite new images, which date back to last summer, but I’ll guarantee you the deer and squirrels are surprised and impressed.

Leaves after Motherwell banner

Leaves after Motherwell

Leaves after de la Tour

Leaves after de la Tour

Winter Leaves


Winter Leaves

A new image I like, although I have to say that it has a lot more impact large. My initial Rorschach Test response has been maybe de Chirico, or perhaps Rembrant charcoal or maybe da Vinci sketchbook. I dunno yet. I can see a lot of faces and figures.


Art PACs?

A few days ago the New York Times reported that “Just two dozen or so individuals, couples and companies have given more than 80 percent of the money collected by super PACs, or $54 million…” which raised the question of who will really be in charge of the political landscape once the election is over.

This for me is a lead-in to this story about who controls the art (market) world.

“‚Ķrecent economic research has established a direct connection between skyrocketing art prices and income inequality, showing that ‘a one percentage point increase in the share of total income earned by the top 0.1% triggers an increase in art prices of about 14 percent.'”

I dunno if I want to be working for the same people Newt Gingrich is working for.

(I was going to include a picture with this post but I already showed a Damien Hirst dot painting only recently.)


Peepers and Porta Paks

So I’m sitting on the deck outside the big yurt this evening and it’s a moment. I pull out my iPhone and shoot the included video.

But what I’m thinking is, jeez, remember Sony Porta Paks? They were the most exciting thing in the art world back in the early ’70s. PORTABLE VIDEO! The difference was that Porta Paks were these suitcase-sized things you lugged around with a shoulder strap. And that wasn’t even the camera, which was attached to the suitcase with multiple cords for sound, video recording and electricity. The camera was roughly the size of a shoe box with a lens attached. (Don’t let this picture of the model fool you. It was hard work hauling one of these “portable” things around.)

Porta PakIn addition to the thousand-pound batteries, the suitcase incorporated a reel-to-reel video recorder. Did I mention it recorded in grainy black-and-white? Or more accurately, grainy dark-gray and light-gray.


And now I’m whipping out a telephone smaller than half-a-pack of cards and shooting a full-color low-light video with Star Wars credits and stereo sound. Sheesh. I’m my own grandpa.

I have a box of half-inch black-and-white reel-to-reel video tapes from back in that day. Not sure there’s even a machine left to play them.

So, in addition to dedicating this video to global warming and it’s role in waking the peepers much earlier than usual, I dedicate it to the Sony Porta Pak and a time when you had to get your butt up out of your Adirondack chair and work if you were ever gonna shoot portable video.

Banners in the snow

Green Leaf in Snow

Almost got through the entire winter without any snow, and what we got last night is melting as I type, but the snow combined with streaks of morning light did create some nice moments earlier.

American Goth

American Gothic Models

This is too cool. After suffering through a lifetime of parodies and re-creations, I come across a picture of the original models (Grant Wood’s sister and his dentist) for “American Gothic.” Yowser. Visit and see a picture of the house that appears in the background as well.

If I’d have been there the day this picture was taken, I would have looked at his sister and said, “I like what you’ve done with your hair.”


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