A few days ago the New York Times reported that “Just two dozen or so individuals, couples and companies have given more than 80 percent of the money collected by super PACs, or $54 million…” which raised the question of who will really be in charge of the political landscape once the election is over.

This for me is a lead-in to this story about who controls the art (market) world.

“…recent economic research has established a direct connection between skyrocketing art prices and income inequality, showing that ‘a one percentage point increase in the share of total income earned by the top 0.1% triggers an increase in art prices of about 14 percent.'”

I dunno if I want to be working for the same people Newt Gingrich is working for.

(I was going to include a picture with this post but I already showed a Damien Hirst dot painting only recently.)


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