The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful

Excellent forecast for the weekend and the studio tour. Leaves are starting to turn. There’s beautiful early fall light so I had to stop preparing for a bit and photograph some of the banners. Yet again. Must have hundreds of shots of the banners. Luckily they always look different.

Leaves after Johns

The yurt studio is turning back into the yurt gallery as it gets hung with new pieces surrounded by greatest hits.

Yurt Studio Gallery

And, in an acknowledgement of local culture and challenging economic times, this year I’m introducing the Bourbon, Dogs and Art Outlet Store, where art gets all over just about everything.

BDA Outlet Store

So hope y’all can come on by. And remember to wear sensible shoes.

Open Studio, Oct. 13-14

Open Studio 2012

Once again I’m having a fall Open Studio weekend as part of the Alamance Studio Tour. The dates are October 13-14, 2012, and hours are 10-5 Saturday, and 12-5 Sunday.

There’s some new banners up, and of course some new art in the yurt studio/gallery. I’ve started a new series of work that features multiple canvas prints, old wood with embedded text and beeswax that folks seem to be responding to postively.

And this year I’ve added the Bourbon, Dogs and Art Outlet Store with nice prices on posters, prints, pillows, cards and placemats.

BDA Outlet Store

And here’s the other thing. During previous tours it’s always been slow at the beginning of each day. That’s probably because I’m not located where you’d necessarily want to start the tour. So this year I’m giving away Woodland Banners posters to the first 10 visitors each day. My thinking is that if folks show up a bit earlier then I might not drink as much coffee and I won’t end up talking in such a manic candence by the end of the day. Seems worth a try.

Hope to see you!

New banners

I’ve put up some new banners in advance of my open studio weekend and the studio tour. Also moved some around just for my own enjoyment to see how they change in different light and different surroundings.

Leaf after Johns

Leaves after Chagall

Finally, some new work sorta like the old work

I’ve been experimenting with combining a handful of approaches to artmaking that I’ve used in the past: integral frames, embossed text, beeswax/encaustic, and of course, digital images. Here’s a new work called simply “Cardinal.”


I realize it’s pretty much impossible to read the text from this small image, but the work will be on display at the Alamance County Arts Council from September 15 to October 14 as part of the preview exhibition for the 2012 Alamance Studio Tour (October 13-14). There’s an opening reception on Friday, September 21, 6:30-8:30. Bring your reading glasses and find out what you’re missing.

Okay, just one detail:

Cardinal detail

Early Summer

Late winter, early spring, summer. All in the last week. Need to get it all on video and play it back in slow motion so I can keep up.

Here’s some new images, one is from late winter, one from early spring. Getting hard to keep up.

Leaf after Johns

Leaf after Johns

Buds after Magritte

Buds after Magritte


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