Banners at University of South Dakota

Just got some pix to share of the exhibition “Natural Wonders” at the University of South Dakota, my undergrad alma mater. The show features four alumni, Joseph Broghammer, Jess Elofson, Julie Niskanen and myself and is up until Friday, October 28.

USD Banner show

I submitted a series of banners for the exhibition. Technically they’re created for woodland display, but I thought they might have enough manners to clean up and go to town, especially in a large space like this. Judging from the pictures the gallery staff did a great job of displaying them. Thanks to Alison and her people.

USD Banners

I have to confess that this gallery, the fellow alumni in the exhibition and pretty much the entire faculty at USD all post-date my tenure at Vermillion (where the University is located) by several generations, so they probably don’t remember how we used to trudge 30 miles in waist-deep snow to study art in sod huts by the flickering light of a cow dung stove, but Menard, Packard, Wold, Aldren, Knaus et al. did a pretty good teaching job anyway. So here’s a shout-out to them, too.

USD Banners

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