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Tired but compelled to post.

Studio Tour starts tomorrow. It’s been very odd but very invigorating to be so focused for an extended period on something that’s so self-involved. I probably couldn’t do it all day every day, but it’s been like getting a sabbatical after so many years of prioritizing other stuff.

Less art than illustration, here’s a banner I just put up in the woods that features Chigger and Woody, both gone now but it was them that put the “dogs” in Bourbon, Dogs and Art and so this banner was for them and for me. It’s not for sale.

Banner: Chigger and Woody

Wednesday was the 13th, so we celebrated our monthly sunset anniversary with a toast of Woodford Reserve, a small batch bourbon that bills itself the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby.  “Small batch” is basically a way of saying that it might taste different from bottle to bottle or year to year. If you’re someone who’s keeping score, our bottle was from Batch 69, Bottle 879. Great bottle with a cool wood top cork. Here’s what Jim in Whisky Magazine said about Woodford Reserve:

“Nose: Pronounced oak, softened by fruity rye and gentle vanilla. A little toffee and honey. Palate: Big, big lift off with a powerful oaky-rye surge and an immediate arrival of spice. Toasty toward the middle with the corn arriving late on. Finish: Long, cocoa and oak finale, burnt toast with a spread of honey.”

We especially agreed with the “burnt toast with a spread of honey” part. How could you have a drink and not think of burnt toast and honey? At least from here on out.

If you want poetry, then here’s our old iPhone app standby F. Paul Pacult:

“The lovely bronze color shines in the light; absolute purity. The first few sniffs detect restrained, lightly roasted kernel/bean-like scents; additional undisturbed time in the copita opens up the bouquet as added aromas of saddle leather, tobacco leaf, and walnut eventually come to the fore. The palate entry is semisweet, candied, and creamy; by midpalate the taste profile includes pepper, welcome spirity heat, oak resin, and caramel corn. Ends gracefully and leanly, showing the delicate, ultra-sophisticated side of bourbon.”

Think that guy doesn’t get laid? Anyway, on Tweetsie’s and my binary scale of zero-to-one with one being better than zero, we give Woodford Reserve a solid one.

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve and the official "Bourbon, Dogs and Art" shot glass! At sunset!

But I buried the lede! Note the first appearance of the official “Bourbon, Dogs and Art” shot glass! Available to all at this weekend’s studio tour and soon to be available here on BDA!

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