This is a yurt we have on our property. It’s in the woods maybe 400 feet uphill from our home. No water but it’s got electricity on a pole. Whatever brilliant reason we had for putting it up there 15 years ago has long escaped my memory. Over time it’s been occupied by a succession of young, brave, artistic types who’ve exchanged some manual labor and pet sitting for a free, if rustic, place to store their stuff. I’d say “place to live” except invariably as soon of they’d stored all their stuff and spent a few days there they find a boyfriend or girlfriend in town and spend most of their time there. So it’s been kind of a giant closet in the woods. I should clarify that there is a bath house down the hill, so they always had access to indoor plumbing and a hot shower, but by and large they all left me to wonder if it’s a rhetorical truism to ask, “Do tenants shit in the woods?”

Anyway, it went empty again this summer and I finally decided that it would be better to use it myself than look for another person who would want to trade free storage for never being around. So I’m in the process of converting it into a gallery space to display some of my art and to serve as the founding headquarters of Bourbon, Dogs and Art.

These days I’m cleaning on the outside and cleaning on the inside and trying to get it ready for the Alamance County artist studio tour. Yurts can get a bit grungy on the outside over time, especially deep in the woods, but yurt interiors are always cool.

Yurt interior
I’m adding some lights and putting up some panels to hang art on. Think I’m going to hang some art on the inside and some on the outside and line the walk up the hill with banners in the woods. Should be fun. Have to figure out how to parley it into a venue for some Bourbon, Dogs and Art events.

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