Three New Artworks – #3 Will Blow Your Mind

Half Dozen Eggs and Russian Olive Branches

Then again, maybe the first or second one will blow your mind. Or maybe none of them. They’re all kinda similar. I’m just trying to get a good grade in my online “Improve your artist brand by turning your blog posts into irresistible click-bait” class.


Poetry Walk in the Snow

When folks come to see the Woodland Banners and the Poetry Walk I often remark that one of the interesting times to see it is in the snow. Snow visually neutralizes much of the landscape so it’s all more gallery-like. Of course we don’t get all that much snow any more, what with Republicans controlling the House and Senate, but once in while it happens. Winter storm “Jonas” just came through yesterday and will perhaps revisit later today. Locally it wasn’t nearly the apocalyptic storm they predicted, but you probably couldn’t get up my driveway today and neither could I if I was where you are. But I’m not, so I wandered Loop One of the Poetry Walk and took some photos.


Dirt after Pollock

Dirt after Pollock

“Dirt after Pollock,” digital image on canvas with raw beeswax and repurposed wood. 63″x32″x2″

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