Fox and the hounds

Irene Gerret Maggie

So here you have Irene, Gerret and Maggie. Gatekeepers and defenders of the realm. Yet they are totally ignorant of the fox, standing in the background, throwing a bit of hip shake and laughing with amusement at their vanity.


Everyone’s a critic

Leaves after Braque banner and Gerret

Foggy spring morning. No bourbon at the moment but opinionated dogs and art for sure.

Ghost Dogs

Ghost DogsTeaching old dogs new tricks (or treats)? Here’s an old classic that deserves renewed life this time of the year. Last time I posted this it was in 2002. Sheesh.

Dogs Are People, Too

Three Amigos

“Dogs Are People, Too” is an article I came across in the NY Times this morning by Gregory Berns about research on dog brains. To quote:

FOR the past two years, my colleagues and I have been training dogs to go in an M.R.I. scanner — completely awake and unrestrained. Our goal has been to determine how dogs’ brains work and, even more important, what they think of us humans.

Now, after training and scanning a dozen dogs, my one inescapable conclusion is this: dogs are people, too.

Don’t know about you, but I found that totally amazing. Not the “dogs are people” part since The Gerret reminds me of that every day, but that they actually got dogs to voluntarily get into an MRI machine and sit still. Are you kidding me?

Dog astronaut training

dog in pickup

Okay, the last time I posted an image forwarded from B-Ced it crashed my server account. Can she do it again?


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