Ambassador certificate

The following people have all received appointments as official Bourbon, Dogs and Art Ambassadors by virtue of their investments in my efforts as an artist working way (and I mean WAY) outside the mainstream.

  • Meg & Bond Anderson
  • Andrea Assaf
  • William Atkinson
  • Jerome Bias
  • Cindy Biles
  • Lynn Bodenheimer
  • Andrew Burnham
  • Linda Frye Burnham
  • Jody Cedzidlo
  • Anne Chapman
  • Lynn Cox
  • Sheila Kerrigan & Steve Clarke
  • William Cleveland
  • Lynne Elizabeth
  • Jan Freya
  • Martha Hamblin
  • Jan Holloman
  • Charlie Hubbell
  • Susan Kern
  • Audrey Layden
  • Lori Manske
  • Samuel Pate
  • James & Deborah Perotti
  • Roxy Farms Antiques
  • Peggy Seehafer
  • Diane Sipprelle
  • Nancy Tregaskes
  • Anne Willson

If you encounter any of these people, please treat them with the respect they deserve, even if they are acting a little funny.

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