Chicken coop

Spent the weekend building a new chicken coop to accommodate the local population explosion. Should have been doing my taxes, but priorities are priorities. It would be done (sans paint) if I’d actually had the door hinges I thought I had when I drove to town for all the other hardware and supplies. On Friday. And again of Saturday. And again this morning. Trip to town on the agenda for tomorrow.

I’m a strong believer that linoleum on the floor is an essential part of a chicken coop just to ease cleanup, but after putting in this black/white pattern I’m suddenly remembering Temple Grandin’s “Animals in Translation” and her contentions about various animals being panicked by extreme colors or patterns. I figure we’ll just have to put a lot of pine shavings on the floor to compensate.

There’s a whole nesting box attachment that goes on the front, but I’m not going to attach it until I’ve moved it into place.

Given my structurally minimalist design requirements and scrap usage, the coop will end up costing maybe $120. Add in gas for the multiple trips to the big box lumber stores to pick up the stuff I forgot the last time and the cost doubles.

Anyway, this should house our new mail-order flock. It’s a good size for about a dozen adult chickens so I’m figuring it will be plenty of room for 23* pre-adolescent chicks for the time being.

BTW – We will be offering healthy, happy, soon to be laying (or crowing) adolescent chicks in the near future if you’re in the mood.

* Yes, we used to have 24 chicks but we lost one yesterday. Well, not really lost. Not sure what happened but if it was human you’d guess it had a stroke. No sense of balance. Could only lay on one side. So all the other chicks were picking on it as chicks are wont to do. We gave it a day of isolation triage, but it only seemed to be in increasing pain with no indications of recovery so I had to euthanize it. Not the highlight of my day.

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