Here’s the latest paparazzi video of Sam and her chicks including Spinal Tap Tara. There’s also a guest appearance from Dave. Last summer we got Sam and Dave together as adolescents and weren’t sure of gender for a long time. (Ergo the names. We were prepared for them to be Samantha and Davida.) They were definitely bonded from day one. Over time they joined the larger flock but always hung together. Dave’s been disconsolate ever since Sam went broody.

Also deserving some mention and some props is Wooster. Judging from the hatched egg shells, Sam’s chicks are from at least three different hens, but there’s only one cock around these parts. Right now all the chicks look very similar, which has to suggest that Wooster is dominating the gene pool, since the various moms don’t look anything alike.

Wooster is a beast of a rooster. Note those back claws on his feet. He wakes everyone up around five in the morning, but has an eagle eye for predatory hawks and owls and we’ve never lost a hen on his watch. (Have to give a shout out to Rosely and Erica who gave us the stud.)

Wooster the Rooster

Wooster the Rooster

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