Gerret in front of Miro

Autumn, Gerret, Miro

Here’s a cool thing. It’s a web site called Art for Conservation where you can order archival quality prints of work by artists like, well, myself. What’s cool about it is that a portion of every sale goes to support conservation causes. (Note I said “conservation causes” not “conservative causes.” I realize there was a time when conservatives wanted to conserve things, but that’s not now. I could say more but it would ruin the moment.)

The Art for Conservation site let’s you choose a size and paper quality so your order can match your budget and the space on your wall. You can even order large stretched canvases. And not only will you help support conservation causes, but you’ll help to feed Gerret, Maggie and Irene. So this holiday season, buy American art. It’s the progressive thing to do.

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