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I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Great concept, Kickstarter. You define a creative project with a total budget. You announce a deadline for raising that money. Friends, Romans and countrymen can pledge toward that budget total in return for rewards that increase with the size of the pledge. If the goal is met before the deadline, the project is funded and the pledges are cashed in, CA-CHING! (I.e., your credit card gets billed for your pledge amount.) The project proceeds and the investors receive their rewards. If you don’t make the goal, nobody gives any money and nobody gets any rewards and the project is up a proverbial creek.

Scary all-or-nothing things those Kickstarter campaigns.


I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to be able to print at least six of the new images I talked about in “Cicadas, leaves and art” as large banners to install as part of the permanent installation that has become the Bourbon, Dogs and Art outdoor art gallery.

Above you see the six images. I call them, clockwise from upper left: “Leaves after Miro,” “Leaves after Matisse,” “Leaves after Géricault,” “Leaves after Picasso,” “Leaves after Cezanne,” and “Leaves after Dali.”

Here’s how I imagine they might look installed in the woods. (These are Photoshop mockups.)

Banner mockups

You can read a lot more about the project on the Kickstarter website, where you can also look at the video, etc.

I’m trying to raise $1200 and I’ve got 30 days, actually now 29+ days as of right now, to do it. I’m hoping readers of this blog and fans of my work will jump in quickly and help so this project can develop some momentum. Plus, you’ll become an official Bourbon, Dogs and Art Ambassador with all the rights and privileges one might expect from such an exalted post. (I’m not positive it includes diplomatic immunity, but if you go ahead and test that possibility, please let me know how it works out for you.)

Supporters will also be rewarded with an art print of their favorite image of this series. In fact, higher level supporters can get their very own banners. Check the Kickstarter page for details and check back there or here for updates.

And thank you for your support.

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