Here’s the newest dog thing in New Zealand – Doggelgänger Human to Canine Pairing. Whoa. Based on the fact/conceit that people often look like their dogs, it uses anti-terrorism face recognition technology to match humans with shelter dogs available for adoption throughout New Zealand. Whoa. Wait until homeland security hears about this.  It’s not all that useful if you don’t live in New Zealand, but we can always dream, can’t we? So I visited the site and met my match. See above. That’s me on the left, and the dog I resemble on the left.

Of course that immediately inspired me to want to do more research on who should be adopting what. Here’s my research:



Click here to give it a try yourself. Let me know if it comes out good. Doggelgänger is part of the Pedigree New Zealand adoption drive. I learned about it at Dog Art Today.

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