Art hanging in High Point

Some of my art at the furniture mart.

North Carolina has a long history as a furniture-manufacturing center, and High Point, North Carolina, about an hour west of where I’m sitting is called the “Furniture Capital of the World.” Twice a year High Point hosts the High Point International Furniture Market, the largest industry trade show in the world, with as many as 80,000 visitors touring the 10 million square feet of show space.

The next market begins this weekend, and I’ve joined with an entrepreneurial bunch calling itself the Artisans Commerce Initiative. We’re going to have art on display in and around the furniture in one of the massive showrooms that host the event. Seems like a great experiment and I’m both curious and excited. When we were hanging it was an interesting twist to try and figure out what furniture goes best with the art. At any rate, that’s where I’ll be from April 2-7. If you’re in the neighborhood we’ll be at the Showrooms on English, 1690 English Road in High Point.

Art hanging in High Point

These pix were taken before the furniture was arranged and the lighting set up, but you get the idea.

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