yurt in winter

Gallery yurt in the woods in the winter

A while back I mentioned in one of my posts (please visit for “before” pictures) about how the banners in the woods are an ever-changing installation, depending on the time of day, the season, the weather, etc.

Since then, with a golden fall and a white winter so far, the seasons have obliged, and so here’s some pix to illustrate my claim. (click to enlarge)

Green leaf in fall
green leaf banner in winter

Here’s the green leaf banner in summer, fall and winter.

Red leaf banner in winter

Here’s the red leaf banner in fall and winter.

Dog banner winter

The photo banner of Chigger and Woody in fall and winter.

Two dogs in snow

The deer skull banner in winter, plus a gratuitous photo of Gerret and Maggie. (What could I do? They’re staring over my shoulder as I type. They expected this to be a dog post.)

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