Walk up to the yurt gallery

So we had a glorious weekend for the Open Studio Tour and a great crowd for a first annual event. Folks seemed to love walking through the woods to look at the outdoor banners and finally arriving at the yurt gallery with the indoor work. I really got no pictures of the crowd because I was talking all the time, but it’s great to find that there are so many folks with a genuine interest in art in this area.

Below is a bench I made from a large poplar that came down in a storm here a while back. It has one of my favorite quotes on it, “I wake each morning torn between the desire to improve the world and the desire to enjoy it. It makes it hard to plan the day. –E.B. White.” It was outside the entrance to the yurt for folks who wanted to sit for a moment after the walk.

In the middle picture are two groups, one coming up the hill, one going down, both stopping to look at a banner that’s just out of the frame. You might notice Gerret on the far right hiding behind a tree waiting to lick another unsuspecting visitor to death. We  buried a lot visitors this weekend.

And at third picture is some folks looking at the Bourbon, Dogs and Art official shot glasses in the yurt. (Clik pix to embiggen.)

I prepared a down-and-dirty catalog of the outdoor banners for folks since they were scattered about. Here’s the catalog as a screen-resolution PDF if you’re curious.

And finally, we sliced the yurt down one side and stretched it out flat so I could get a picture of all the work hanging inside in one photograph.

gallery panorama

Gallery Panorama (click to enlarge)

Everything’s going to remain in situ (that’s Latin for I gotta catch up on some other stuff now so this stuff isn’t going anywhere) for a while, so I’d be happy to have visitors by appointment. Just call or email. We’re usually here.

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