yurt interior with art

I’ve been nursing a sore back over the weekend so progress has slowed as I prepare for the October Open Studio event. But I’ve got the yurt pretty well in shape and most of the interior work is on the walls. Wish the floor was nearly as clean as it looks in the picture.

I printed some large images of poplar bark with moss and lichen and hung them on the outside of the yurt around the door. They hide some of the less attractive spots on the yurt exterior. Beyond that it’s either WTF? or je ne sais quoi, depending on your personal vocabulary.

Yurt Banners

red banner
Puts me in mind of a local hunter who hunts on wooded land that adjoins our property during deer season. Came over and confronted me about my banners hanging in woods. Accused me of putting them up to scare off “his” deer. I guess that’s why context is always so important when you’re looking at art.

Nothing to do with anything but it got up to 98 yesterday (ridiculous for September 25 and a record breaker). Weather finally broke today and it’s cooler and raining. Seems like it hasn’t rained around here since the Bush administration so it’s very very welcome. Creeks are dry and wildlife is looking a bit desperate. Predators have been braving our dogs to poach our ducks, which usually means times are tough in the woods.

Got a new batch of banners printed and hope to be hanging them in the woods later in the week if the back heals and the rain stops. That and a bit more general clean-up and we’ll be ready!

So mark October 16 and October 17 on your calendar. Come and visit. Leaves will be turning. See a real live yurt! See some art. Heck, buy some art. Major credit cards accepted!

Here’s the details.

Part of the Alamance Open Studio Tour.

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