I know, I know, but once I’d come up with “Bourbon, Dog and Art” I had to make bourbon dogs. At least once. You take maybe a cup of barbecue sauce (my choice, many recipes use ketchup), a cup of brown sugar (I just threw in a pinch since the barbecue sauce is already kinda sweet) and at least (emphasis mine) a cup of bourbon and simmer it down to a thick brown liquid. I also chopped up a bunch of onion and threw it in. Then you add mass quantities of tiny weenies. The longer it simmers, the more flavorful it gets. A couple of hours is a minimum. Be sure to sample your remaining bourbon at various points during the process to make sure it isn’t going stale.

This is the sort of dish that half the people I know would love, and the other half would rather starve than be caught in the same room with. Don’t know what that says about me.

Anyway, it’s more fun to cook with bourbon that with wine. Now that I’ve conquered the basics, I’m sure there’s more sophisticated recipes.

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